How to run DualSPHysics simulations on the cloud like Amazon AWS?


Did someone run DualSPHysics simulations using cloud services like Amazon AWS or other cloud services?

If yes, I will be so grateful to know how t implement it

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  • Hello!

    You can give Google Colab a go.

    You will need to open a Google Colab session, install DualSPHysics and then you should be able to run a simulation and storing the data on Google Drive etc.

    It is possible to get it working on general VM's too, you just need to download the package, run the priveliges exe (not called that, perhaps "permissions") if you are using linux and then it should be ready to go.

    In some cases you need to install the correct GPU driver your self and some bugfixing.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you so much for your response

  • Hello!

    I ran into some problems while installing DualSPHysics on a Google Colab session.

    It seems like it ignores all .so files when I clone the git repository. The same thing happens when I copy the files from Google Drive in the session. Even if I try to upload the .so files via drag&drop, nothing happens.

    The build process by itself seems to work , I get a --- Compiled Release GPU version --- at the end. But when I try to run DualSPHysics I get:

    error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Maybe I'm overlooking something fundamental, I'm not very familiar with linux.

    Does anybody else had such problems?

  • Hi,

    I am trying to run cases on Linux cloud services, face problems as well.

    Have you resolved this issue?



  • I just saw this message @scorpio43 - have you tried in Google Colab to just git clone the existing DualSPHysics repos and not compiling from scratch? That worked for me.

    @xue perhaps you can try that too.

    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    Thanks.@Asalih3d The attached is my running file. It works now.

    The line "export dirbin="$EBROOTDUALSPHYSICS/DualSPHysics-5.0.164/bin/linux/" need to follow the change of the location of the cloud server to install the software.

    Wish it it will be help. @scorpio43



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