Measurement grid for free surface height in moving tank (2D sloshing problem)

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I am working on 2D sloshing problem with linear motion of tank. I am trying to measure height of liquid free surface on left wall of my 2D domain during transient sloshing process. Can anyone please confirm how to make measurement grid which moves with my domain, so that it can measure height of free surface on left wall during this process. At the moment, my measurement grid is fixed while domain is moving and so it creates situation as shown in attached images.

Can anyone please help?

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  • There is no a direct option to do this...

    One simple way can be to define the measurement points for each instant (example in doc \ help \ FilePointsPosTemplate.csv) using the -pointspos option of MeasureTool. Then, a simple script (MATLAB program) can be implemented to build the CSV file to be used with MeasureTool. And note that the X values of the points can be easily obtained using the -saveposmotion: <mk>: x: y: z <file> option of BoundaryVTK or generating a CSV of a boundary particle with PartVTK.


  • Other good option is to keep fixed the sloshing tank so that you can use fixed gauges to measure the elevation.

    You will have then to apply external forces to the fluid... you can follow the examples in DualSPHysics_v5.0\examples\main\05_SloshingTank


  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Meanwhile I just exported the isosurface and through small MATLAB script I was able to retrieve interface height at left wall for all timesteps.

    Thanks and regards.

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