Dear colleagues,

I'm creating a inlet in my channel.

The following commands are being implementing in the middle of the xml, in the section <special> :


       <memoryresize size0="2" size="4" comment="Initial memory resize (size0) and the following memory resizes according to initial inlet/outlet particles (default=2 and 4)"/>

        <determlimit value="1e+3" comment="Use 1e-3 for first_order or 1e+3 for zeroth_order (default=1e+3)" />  


          <refilling value="0" comment="Refilling mode. 0:Simple full, 1:Simple below zsurf, 2:Advanced for reverse flows (very slow) (default=1)" />

         <inputtreatment value="0" comment="Treatment of fluid entering the zone. 0:No changes, 1:Convert fluid (necessary for outlet), 2:Remove fluid (recommended for inlet)" />

          <layers value="6" comment="Number of inlet/outlet particle layers" />

          <zone3d comment="Input zone for 3D simulations">


              <point x="-1.00" y="0.0" z="0.0" />

              <size x="0.05" y="0.3958" z="0.135" />

              <direction x="1" y="0" z="0" />



          <imposevelocity mode="0" comment="Imposed velocity 0:fixed value, 1:variable value, 2:Extrapolated value (default=0)">

            <velocity v="1.0" comment="Uniform velocity" units_comment="m/s" />




However, I have the following error:

*** Exception (JXml::ErrReadElement) at ..\source\JXml.cpp:231

Text: Error reading xml - Element 'size' is invalid. One size of axis must be zero.

File: CaseDambreak_out/CaseDambreak.xml(row:108)

If I remove the implementation, the xml runs.

What could be the mistake?


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