Particles leaking through bottom of stl domain revisited

Hi all,

I have a problem with fluid particles leaking through the bottom of my wave pool, which was created outside of DualSPHysics and then imported in as an stl file. I've been looking up this issue and funnily enough I arrived at a post by me from four years ago that I'd forgotten about (

I can't find any evidence of having solved the problem at the time so it doesn't help me much this time around, although I did try the suggestions again to no avail. Here's a link to the model and a video of the leaking, which happens only through the channel in the wavepool:

If someone with more experience than me has a moment to look at the model then that would be much appreciated because I'm running out of solution ideas!




  • Have you tried increasing the number of particle layers at the bottom of the moon pool?

    Have you tested different densitity diffusion schemes?

    Viscosity schemes?

    c0 values?

    Kind regards

  • Explore the option REDRAW.

    You can find XML of how to use that in examples/others


  • @Alex thanks for your suggestion, it worked perfectly! I looked up redraw in the manual, so if it is changing the fluid particles that border boundary particles into boundary particles it will make my pool shallower by 1*dp, does that sound right?

  • That is right.... 1*dp should not have any impact... but if you want you can move down -1*dp your STL first ;)

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