Initial conditions of a fluid (rotation)

Hello everyone,

I want to give an angular velocity to the water as an initial condition, but I didn’t find any mention of it on this forum, in the guides or elsewhere. I know we can set a translation motion to a fluid as an initial condition, but I can’t figure out how to rotate the fluid, and I’m not even sure we can.

The point of interest here would be the « Initials configuration » window, or the tag <initials>…</initials> in the XML file, but I don’t understand the role of the v1 , v2, v3 and z1, z2, z3 variables and I can't find any document describing it clearly. I think I understand the options uniform, linear and parabolic but don't hesitate to clarify if you can.

I attached the XML file of my attempt to make a rotation, but I've only managed to create a translation so far, so any help will be appreciated.


  • You can impose external forces to the fluid according to ExternalForces example (examples/main/04_ExternalForces)


  • Thanks a lot for the answer it's very useful !

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