Data structure

Hi DualSPHysics developers:

May I get some advice from you all on the data structure of DualSPHysics?

I have 3 questions:


From example: Let's assume we have an array called "velrhop" in DualSPHysics & I'm accessing this value, i.e. velrhop [12].

Regarding the number "12" inside the square bracket [], does it really refer to the particle ID marked as "12" in DualSPHysics?


From the array say "velrhop [i]", what should we do in order to identify the boundary particles from the index i ? 

Is the index of boundary particles stored first in velrhop, followed by those of fluid particles?


While doing particle summation operation (say computing the "boundary" pressure forces acting on a fluid particle i), we need to scan through the neighbors "j" of particle "i", based on the pressure array say p [i]. 

As such, how to identify whether p[j] refers to fluid OR boundary particle pressure?

Thanks in advance.


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