Simulating coastal strcutures

Hi All,

I am new to DualsPhysics and am trying to simulate a numerical flume using a sea wall and mangroves. When the simulation is running it treats the mangrove model (imported from online) as a single object and does not interact with the individual parts as it would in a real situation.

How would I make it such that the mangrove has interparticle movement and interacts with the waves more realistically?


  • You should read first our documentation:

    And you have to check our examples


  • Hi Alex,

    Yes I've read the documentation and have created a numerical flume based of the CaseWavemaker_2D.

    My specific problem is to allow water to permeate the leaves of the mangrove and to simulate a more realistic resistance to the wave energy rather than treating it as if it is one solid object.

    Hope that helps.

  • Do you want to treat the mangrove as individual objects?

  • Yes, essentially I'd like to be able to have water pass through the mangrove roots, but i think it may be due to the inter particle distance that may be preventing it from happening now that I've taken a better look at it.

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