Floating body mass


Is it possible to use the parameter massbody for hundreds of floatings ?

For few floatings I can use it one by one but when I try for a list of mkbound it says that "One value must be defined (massbody, relative weight or rhopbody)"

Here is the line of the code :


<floating mkbound="2-1000" property="Polypropylene" />

<massbody value="0.023" />




  • That format is not correct

    Please check the examples or check CaseTemplate.xml in DualSPHysics_v5.0\doc\xml_format

  • Thanks for your answer.

    Yes this lines doesn't work. In the CaseTemplate.xml, the massbody parameter is used only for one mkbound at a time and for a list of mkbound relativeweight or rhopbody are used. Is there a way to use massbody value for a group of bodies in a single command ? I have more than 500 floatings with the same mass so it would be a lot easier to specify the mass only once.


  • The error you have in your first message is different....

    Please follow the CaseTemplate: see my changes in BOLD


    <floating mkbound="2-1000" property="Polypropylene" > (instead of />)

    <massbody value="0.023" />

    </floating> (this was missing)


  • It works, I didn't see that syntax error, thanks for your help.

    Best regards


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