How to simulate the motion of a block sliding down along an inclined plane

Dear all

I'm trying to model the surge waves generated by an aerial rigid block sliding down along a 45° inclined plane, but the block does not move at all. I don’t know how this happened. I have tried several algorithms (i.e. SPH, DEM, and Chrono) with different versions of DualSPHysics. However, none of these methods could predict the block motion. Can anyone shed some lights on how to solve this problem in DualSPHysics? Here I am attaching the simulation files.

I sincerely thank you for your help.

Good luck to all of you.


  • IN the case of Chrono, the collisions are solved in terms of geometries, so please be sure that the geo of the slope and the geo of the wedge are not overlapped.

    You can also paste here the XML part of CHRONO you are using to check if there is any problem there.


  • I found the XML in your .rar file.

    So when using:

            <bodyfloating id="block" mkbound="10" modelfile="AutoActual" />

            <bodyfixed id="tank" mkbound="0" modelfile="AutoActual" modelnormal="invert" />

    you have already define the geometries for collisions.... that will be saved in chrono_objs: please open the .obj files there and check that they are not overlapping each other and that there is some small distance between them!!!!


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