Inlet: Element 'gridresetvelz' is invalid

I am trying to generate waves via imposing velocity in the buffer zone using 'mode 3: interpolated velocity' as shown on page 17 of XML_GUIDE_INLETOUTLET.pdf .

Following @iarba27 's suggestion

I create my XML and external mesh for imposing velocity:


 <imposevelocity mode="3" comment="Imposed velocity 0:fixed value, 1:variable value, 2:Extrapolated velocity, 3:Interpolated velocity (default=0)">
     <gridveldata file ="u_vel.csv" comment="CSV file with velocity data in different times and positions" />
     <gridresetvelz value="true" comment="Reset Z velocity after interaction (default=false)" />
     <gridposzero x="0" z="0" comment="Defines position of grid (default=0)" />

external mesh u_vel.csv :

However, I got the error:

*** Exception (JXml::ErrReadElement) at ..\source\JXml.cpp:231
Text: Error reading xml - Element 'gridresetvelz' is invalid.
File: T6_out/T6.xml(row:90)

I am not sure where it went wrong. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!


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