visualsphysics addon installation issue in blender

hello, I tried to install visualsphysics add on in blender from linux side. But it crashers during add on operation. I just used the .zip folder from the github location. Is there any compiled version available from github source that I should try in linux rather than using the zip file?

  1. From windows side, I browsed to the zip file (the same one I used for linux) in blender. The figure attached. it does not crash, but I don't see these options in the snapshot: a. Now, Enable the checkbox with “Object: VisualSPHysics Blender Addon” b. Click on “Save User Settings” button and close the preferences window.

After I come out of this window, I dont find any visualsphysics add on in the add on list.

browsing to the location of installation, it seems that it just extracted the zip file, nothing else?

Let me know how I can get this add on. Thanks.


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