Gearbox Comparison to Physical Test

I am doing a comparison to physical test data using a single gear rotating through a pool of oil. This is only for my own education at the moment. I think that the basics of my model are set up well (gear seems to be rotating correctly, oil volume seems to be correct, the oil is obviously interacting with the gear). However, I am having some trouble getting the oil to actually get dragged around by the gear. I simply see a cavity forming around the gear with only a tiny interaction between the gear and the oil.

If I were to guess, it looks like the pressure interaction between the solid particles and the fluid particles is too strong. The oil appears to be pushed radially outward instead of attaching to the gear.

Do you have any resources on which parameters that I can look into tuning to get this to match better? Are there any tutorials on this topic?

I am experienced with CFD, but new to DualSPHysics.


  • You have to use the boundary condition called "mDBC" instead of "DBC".

    However the use of mDBC with complex geometries is not properly documented yet....

  • Hi.

    You can follow the XML_GUIDE_MDBC.pdf for regular geometry. But one has to create his/her own boundary limit at dp/2 away from the boundary particles, which is chanllenging since there isn't any properly documented tutorial as @Alex has pointed out.

    The discussion here may be helpful:

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