Overtopping volumes

I know this has been asked before but for older versions. I am trying to obtain the overtopping volumes over a vertical wall, my understanding of the sequence to do this is as follows (I am using the GUI):

1.Create/Run model

2. MeasureTool

3.Select volume and define Grid of points. My particular query is how to do this. In the image below I show what is my understanding about how I should define the beginning and steps, is it correct? do I need to define a "depth" in the x direction? Do I need to define a list of points?

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  • You can use FlowTool code!!!

    Some examples are in examples\main\10_WavesPistonAWAS

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    I used Flowtool code for calculating the overtopping volume following the examples in DualSPHyiscs examples\main\10_WavesPistonAWAS,

    As I remarked in the example of 10_WavesPistonAWAS, they calculated the cumulative overtopping from InFlow column

    How can we use the output columns to calculate the different properties related to overtopping such as ( instantaneous wave overtopping discharge, mean overtopping discharge etc ?

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  • Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your response, I have used the FlowTool code as you suggest and effectively I obtained some results.

    I have a question, what is the difference between InVolume_BOX and InVolume_World?

    Is the volume that appears in the InVolume_BOX column the volume of water that crosses plane A-A (see image above with waves running left to right)

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  • @djsnarf "BOX" is the region you define in the .txt file and "WORLD" is the rest of the domain.

    @Sofiane_Ben All the information that appear in the CSV is indicated in the headers of each column

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