preserving CAD part names


When I read in an .stl file and process it in dualsphsycis for simulation, I loose all the surface/part names from the stl file. How do we preserve surface names? Thanks.


  • You need to specify the name of your STL file in your XML file


    <drawfilestl file="myfile.stl" objname="myfile"

  • @Sofiane_Ben I think the question is more about when one has complex geometries with a lot of named selections like, "Top Surface", "Middle Connection" etc. just as examples. usercfd can correct me if I am wrong.

    Another question I have though to you; have you found any use in using "objname" parameter? Is it helpful for anything in the XML file or?

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    objnname is just to mention your file name in XML file , for me in my projects I started by creating my geometry and add all the features that I want using freecad and designSph Addons, then I will modify my XML file if I would to add mDBC for example as it's not yet available in designsph Addon in freecad

  • hello yes, what Asalih described is the correct scenario I am looking for. Do I need to break single parts into individual stl files and then read all those stl names in xml file? Do I need to create individual pointmin pointmax domain for each file then? Or an overall big domain encompassing all stl files will work? Or is there an alternate way?

  • hello, Any comment on this topic? thanks.

  • hello,

    Happy new year. Any comment on this from the developers?

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