Relaxation Zone geometry

edited May 17 in DualSPHysics v5.0

Hi DSPH team,

I am exploring the Relaxation Zone example on V5.0 (/path/examples/wavecoupling/02_RZ_RegularWaves) and have a couple of questions

  • any reason why the coef sound is reduced from typical value of 20 to 18? I can't see any difference in the simulation outputs.
  • The paper from Corrado et al (2018) "Improved relaxation zone method in SPH-based model for coastal engineering applications" sets out a 5 step methodology (attached) in section 4.2.2 to define the RZ, however I am struggling to understand the following:
  • i) With Weff 0.08*L and keff=0.8, it results WRZ > 0.08*L/0.8 >0.1*L. However, the WRZ=L is adopted which is a large difference.
  • ii) It is recommended that keff € [0.8,0.9], yet the paper suggests ψ=0.35 and β=5, which leads to keff=0.55.
  • iii) The choice of ψ and β appear to affect the profile of the wave and the energy flux without changing the wave height and wave period (based on a screenshot from Corrado's presentation attached). Is this correct? I am confused how ψ and β pair can be arbitrary.

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