Piston movement for wave generation: convert free surface time series to piston movement in DualSPH


I have free surface time series data and I want to transform this data to the piston for wave generation,but I can't figure out how to implement it

I found that I can use the option of "linear motion from a file" for piston movement (using DesignSPH with freecad or directly in XML file) , from wavemaker theory I found the relation between the piston movement and wave generation,however, I don't know if it is validated in DUALSPHysics or there is a way to implement it .

another option is to use JONSWAP spectrum for irregular wave generation but I think it's better to use the real-time series that I have



  • How to create the piston motion to get the target surface time series is an issue related with wave theory... not related with our code itself...

    Sorry, you will need the asistance of some wave expert here to produce the time series of the piston position.


  • @Alex

    how to introduce my own spectrum in DualSPhysics ?

    I see that in DualSPHysics , we only can specify the spectrum type (JONSWAP, Pierson Moskowitz)

    and the spectrum shape and details are found in wave paddle energy file (WavePaddle_mkb0001_Energy.csv)

    I would know if there is a way to introduce my own spectrum in DualSPHYsics

  • You have to create first an external file with the time series of the piston including TIME, POSITION and you can use the option to load external motion.


  • Dear Sofiane_Ben,

    I'm interesting if you found a solution of your problem "if there is a way to introduce my own spectrum in DualSPHYsics" or if you found how from a specific spectrum you can generate the piston movement


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