creating inletoutlet BC shape mis-aligned with cartesian grid


I tried to use the following snippet to create a cylindrical shape inletoutlet with drawfreemode and a spcified unit vector direction:



          <refilling value="0" comment="Refilling mode. 0:Simple full, 1:Simple below zsurf, 2:Advanced for reverse flows (very slow) (default=1)" />

          <inputtreatment value="2" comment="Treatment of fluid entering the zone. 0:No changes, 1:Convert fluid (necessary for outlet), 2:Remove fluid (recommended for inlet)" />


        <setfrdrawmode auto ="true" />

<layers value="4" comment="Number of inlet/outlet particle layers" />

<zone3d comment="Input zone for 3-D simulations">


              <point x="3.5" y="-0.331305" z="1.37366" />

              <radius v="0.000839" />

<direction x="0.0028264669892501143" y="-0.7073210389933059" z="-0.7068868076869089" />


The code does not recognize the <setfrdrawmode auto ="true" />. May be the placement of the command is not correct?

I then commented that out and only tried to use the direction unit vector to designate the angle of the cylinder major axis. Is that a correct way of doing it?


  • @jmdalonso may help here

  • hello I was able to manipulate the nozzle angle first by using a cartesian aligned direction of negative y direction and then rotating the circle on x axis. But i could not directly use the unit vector that i showed in the above example. But either way is fine I guess.

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