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I need to get trajectories for fluid particles in my tests. Is there any way I could get particle trajectories from Dualsphysics ? It seems a feature will be added in the next version called tracerparts but any suggestions for me I could use to get particle trajectories for now? I am using version 5. I have seen in some workshop presentations a part called TracerVTK but I could not find it in the source package of version 5.


  • I subscribe to this post.

    A few weeks ago I gave the particle id's as argument of PartVTK and obtained as many files as there are binary files, that is trajectory points at the output frequency. I only made an animation then. In general, this is not handy for drawing a trajectory line, because the points are not at every time step (more serious limitation) and because you need to merge separate files into one (less serious limitation). Nonetheless, it's close to target.

    In this other post Ashalid3D gave some other tips that you can find useful, via ParaView.

    In my view, the so-called tracer particles have been very fashionable lately (an amazing example is the Perpetual Ocean production, but I wondered whether these are trajectories in the classical sense.

  • Thank you for the response. I saw the post you sent. unfortunately, the Tracer option in ParaView does not seem to create actual particle trajectories. Since I used a similar method for my experiments by PTV(particle tracking velocimetry), I think there should be some criteria defining how the id of the particle changes from time to time then based on that we could write a Matlab script or a Python one to draw trajectories (ideally of course). But to me, it seems no such criteria in Dualsphysics is obvious. Am I wrong?

  • Hi there,

    Were you able to solve your problem?

    I am really struggling to create streamlines/ particle tracing using PartVTK output in ParaView.

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