ForceGauge vs Force Post-Processing


When I use:

I get a value of for example 80 N.

When I then do post-processing of forces, at the same time step I get a value of 200 N.

Have anyone experienced this discrepancy as well?

Personally I trust the post-processing tool more, since I have used that much more and verified it a lot. I just wondered why this discrepancy appeared when I tried to use ForceGauge.

XML_Guide page 125.

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  • Are you talking about module, componentX, Y or Z? ForceFluid? ForceTotal?

    Perhaps the different can be in the weight in Z, have you checked that?

  • I have only been checking the magnitude of force and noticed the difference there. I might make a very small test example showing the differences for a small case later this week. It was just to highlight the issue and see if others have experienced it.

    If the difference is in weight, then we should add to the documentation that the force calculation is not equal to the one done in post-processing etc. If I understood you correctly.

    Kind regards

  • Alex, Asalih.

    I can't help you with that. But could you tell me how to calculate the force of a static body with the postprocess? When I use the ComputeForces_win64 tool the value is always 0.

    I am using version 5.0.

    Thank you!

  • Right now we give all components with proper name... "ForceFluid", "Weights, "ForceTotal"... I would say that is clear enough... or what are you suggesting here to be improved?


  • Be sure that you choose the correct particles...... for example using -onlymk:XX, you need to check that XX is the mk of the static body you want (check it in Case.xml generated by GenCase)


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