particles suddenly vanish in a specific time step

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I checked the output partfluid in paraview and the fluid particles vanish at time step t=1.9. when I check the run.out file there is a warning at t=1.9s where 50% of fluid particles are excluded. it also says 100000 DTs adjusted to DtMin (t:1.9896, nstep:70321).

How can I fix this issue?

articles of simulation (initial): 1344232

Particles of simulation (total)..: 4401780

DTs adjusted to DtMin............: 104666

Excluded particles...............: 3681119

Excluded particles due to RhopOut: 1991

P.S: In my previous tests, I have similar warnings but I did not have this problem with vanishing particles suddenly. In the current test, the geometry is changed a little.


  • Can you share the XML with us to check the options you are using?

    Are you executing latest versión 5 or v4.2?


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    Please find attached, the xml file in txt format. Please let me know if more info is needed. Thank you for your time.

    I am using version 5.

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