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Hi to everybody,

do you know if it is possible to use Freecad DesignSPhysics Add-on with DualSPHysics V5.0?

It could be useful, because at the moment DesignSPHysics comes with V4.4 .

And, if it is possible, how?

Many thanks

. . . Piero


  • Dear Pier

    We are exactly these weeks working on that in order to release a more complete GUI using binaries and most of the new options of v5.0


  • Thank you veri much, Alex.

    I will install as soon as you will release Freecad Add-on with v5.0


  • p.s. sorry for my bad english 😚

  • Your english is good enough to understand each other... as mine hehhehe

  • Hi, I've just discovered designSPHysics myself. It totally transforms usability of DualSPHysics and I'm very grateful for it. I've done a couple of experiments with it. Is there an option for creating emitters and sinks? I couldn't work it out from the documentation available or work it out from playing with the package.

    Also, I'm particularly interested in creating mechanisms that interact with water, such as a wave energy device, and taking advantage of the Chrono capabilities. i saw an option for using Chrono instead of SPH for dealing with interactions between solid objects - does this mean I can already create mechanisms with floating components such as a waterwheel attached to a floating pontoon?

  • Dear @MikeHersee you can find some examples of what you need here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwaIMU-iIzj2tlQH3eZ15p_13jJ9zBXr7

    In the description of each video you can find the information of each example. So if you use directly the package working with XML files you can de many things.

    Note that the GUI DesignSPHysics is now being used mainly for short courses where we show how to use our model... however to fully exploit all capabilities of the model is better to work directly with our package


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