FlowTool distinguish between mkfluid

Dear fellow DualSPHysics practitioners!

Is it possible to select an mkfluid for the FlowTool, or is it only possible to measure the flowrate of all fluid particles combined? I checked the documentation on FlowTool in the hopes of finding an option like "-onlymk", but I was not successful. Has anyone else ever encountered the need to detect the flow rate of a specific species of fluid, rather than the whole mixture? Any suggestions for a workaround?

I would appreciate this feature to detect the separation performance of a structure separating fluids with different densities for example.

Kind regards,



  • I found somewhat of a workaround if any of you are interested: In Paraview a clip of the desirable section (equal to the section defined in the FlowTool) can be made. This clip can be analyzed with filters from 'Data Analysis', with the filters 'Histogram' and 'PlotDataOverTime' being particularly useful. This allows to view the mk distribution in a section of the geometry and therefore determine properties corresponding to a specific phase in a multiphase simulation.

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