Regarding free-surface elevation post-processing in DualSPHysics


Looking at the post-processing guide I observe that the method is basically done using a mass estimation:

And this makes complete sense. Looking at some of the files in DualSPHysics "others" -> "GaugeSystem" -> "GSwl_Dam2d.xml", I see:

How come the value is advised as 0.4 for 2D simulations?

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  • We use a weighted interpolation to compute the values of mass at each of the points defined in the "column" that works as wave gauge.

    In 3D the half of the reference mass (0.5xdp^3x1000) is used to detect the free surface, however in the 2-D cases this mass is overestimated so that we found 0.4 (0.4xdp^2x1000) to be equivalent to the agreement obtained comparing 3-D numerical results with experimental data.


  • Awesome, I knew there was a reason for it!

    I like that explanation.

    Kind regards, Ahmed

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