Gauges: change the number format and precision in the output file (code directions)

I would like to adjust the number format and precision of the csv file produced for water levels, velocity and forces with gauges. I presume this is not possible from the XML file, so I may want to edit the source code. (I am already aware that DualSPHysics computes velocity and density in float-type precision; corrections welcome.)

Would a developer please direct me towards the code lines where those formats are set? Thanks in advance.


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  • The output format used in the CSV files can be modified in the methods called StoreResult() of each class (JGaugeVelocity, JGaugeSwl...) in the file JDsGaugeItem.cpp

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    To be even more precise, in the methods SaveResults() of each class mentioned by José, one can modify the format specifier %g in the lines:

    scsv << jcsv::Fmt(jcsv::TpFloat1,"%g") << jcsv::Fmt(jcsv::TpFloat3,"%g;%g;%g");

    They appear to set the notation for floats and triplet of floats: %g is a rather compact numerical notation. A lookup table for different format specifiers can be found at for example.

    And the default precision of C++ is just 6. If you want to use the exponential notation and use the maximum precision of a float, edit %g into %.9E. Take a look at for guidance on precision.

    With the change above, you will see 0.123456789E+00 instead of 0.12345.

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