List of parameters or options that need better explanation

Dear all

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We can find many issues in the forum about new parameters or old ones that are not properly defined or documented and you are totally right....

Therefore I would like to create some list here where you can paste all the parameters or XML options that need a better explanation so we will try to include all that documentation....

So please I invite you all to paste here all of them since I think that if we have all in the same post, it will be easy for us when we work on that to check all together. Note that we work on documentation only from time to time...

Thank you all


  • Awesome initiative. I will start with one of the simplest ones.

    Some Parameters are not used if ...

    One uses "_" or "#" infront of the variable tag. This can be quite confusing, since "#" is now being used to define a math field and not only comments.

    Suggestion to solve this issue, just the program outputting a line, "_masslimit" was not applied etc.

    Issue discovered in

    roundposx and its y and z versions

    I don't know exactly what they do, but they work well for aligning grid points for mDBC sometimes. Sometimes not. Trial and error from my side.

  • Thanks, happy to help. (sorry for the delay)

    MeasureTool: kc dummy

    kcdummy accepts "-kcdummy:NaN", output is "nan" in csv files

    kcdummy not available for elevation

    MeasureTool: turbulent kinetic energy

    how is it computed ? Application condition, relevance, signification...


    In my experience, points must be in a specific order: counter-clockwise bottom then up

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