Why are ghost particles inside of the GeometryShapes and not outside?


I am using mDBC and just observed that:

Which shows that my ghost particles are inside my box. I expected it to be more like:

Which is a figure from the wiki. I suppose this is meant to happen since I have not observed any weird errors when running the simulations. Could the team please confirm if what I have seen is correct?

I ask for clarification since I thought ghost particles were outside of the boundary and in the fluid.

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  • My two cents. What you see in your Paraview rendering are the green particles, which are no ghost particles. Physically they represent the solid and real matter.

    In my idea of the topic, the ghost particles are those with a cross symbol. They collect information from the fluid, which is transferred to the solid boundary particle (dot symbol, same colour coding) in order to obtain the desired condition along the boundary surface.

    Corrections welcome.

  • thanks for your comment!

    I do not disagree with you, but the CfgNormals file already show the green points. Then I would expect that the CfgNormalsGhost show me the opposite normals for the crosses etc.

    I have checked the StillWedge example in mDBC and it produces the same kind of situation as I shown above, so perhaps this is meant to happen this way, I was just curious about why too..

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  • Would anyone from the DualSPHysics team have time to explain my misunderstanding?

    Kind regards

  • @jmdalonso I am still curious, if you happen to have the opportunity to look at it.

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