Recording during runtime the entire time history of density/pressure at a point

Just a sanity check. I would like to record the density/pressure at a location in the same way of the Gauges for velocity.

I need more temporal resolution than I can afford using the post-processing tools. For big particle counts the size of the binary files clearly grows, and saving as many files as I need for takes too much disk space. Not to mention the overhead time to get them post-processed. So -- practically -- the higher the particle count, the lower the temporal resolution of the pressure data that I can extract from a simulation.

Therefore, I was thinking of recording those values during runtime. Are the ways in DSPH to record density aka pressure in the same/a similar way as the velocity gauges?


  • You are right, we should have included that one...

    Is added to the list for next release or update of the current package


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