Option to redo fillbox operation?


I have used <initials> to rotate a rectangle. The problem now is that the fluid does not update and leaves void areas:

How would I fix this?

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  • The option rotate with initials was designed for objects that are not surrounded by fluid particles. Since the rotation is applied after the "drawing" function is executed.

    Other option is to use now the new "FREEDRAW" MODE: page 57-58 of XML-GUIDE-v5.0.pdf and it can be used with drawbox, drawextrude, drawcylinder and drawsphere.


  • Thanks for your suggestion!

    I found another way, in which I would draw two rotated rectangles, one placed in the same way as shown above (but without initial rotation), in this way I would make the void area correct. Then above the fluid domain I would draw another rectangle, give it initial rotation and then move it done into the void area. The result shown below:

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  • But in this way the fluid area was not properly filled I guess... I can see some gaps.


  • Does not matter too much when using mDBC and the particles rearrange:

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  • OK, perfect then

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