designSphysics released vs. dev version install

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I installed freecad 18.0 in my windows 10 laptop. I tried to find the release build macro add on from inside freecad . but it doesn't find any macro in that way.. What should be the next step?


  • Hello @usercfd ,

    For my part, it has never worked this way too.

    I had to download DesignSPHysics packages from github and I followed these instructions :

    "Installing a development build

    Clone the branch that you like from this repository and rename the folder to 'DesignSPHysics'. Then copy the folder to the Mod folder of the FreeCAD installation directory.

    By default, for example, in Windows, it is located in %appdata%/FreeCAD/Mod or in Linux in ~/.FreeCAD/Mod

    Then copy the file DesignSPHysics.FCMacro of this repository into the FreeCAD macro directory (%appdata%/FreeCAD/Macro on Windows; ~/.FreeCAD/Macro on GNU/Linux)".

    I hope that will help you.

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    Would you please give the latest instructions to install designsphyics in linux (ubuntu or SLES)? I will try that out.


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