Questions about Spring and "Boxfill"

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Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to congratulate the DualSPHysics development team for their outstanding work. I've been using this code for a short time and I'm impressed with the rendering.

However, I have two questions:

- CHRONO: is it possible to create a spring between two moving floatings (no "fixedbody")?

- Why does the "boxfill" function generate acoustic waves when water is created? (see screenshot and script)

Thank you for your help! 😀


  • Dear user

    Let me reply to your questions:

    1) You can create a spring between two floatings for sure.

    There should be some XML example with that: check CaseHauling in DualSPHysicsv5.0\examples\chrono\12ExternalVelocity

    2) "boxfill" what do you mean? drawbox or fillbox?

    When particles are initially created following the cartesian grid, some inicial motion can be observed.

    This motion is reduced using the new mDBC conditions


  • Thanks for your quick answer Alex!

    1) OK. I hadn't paid attention to this example. Thank you

    2) Yes I mean fillbox sorry. When I fill my void domain with this function, acoustic waves are generated (see my screenshot above). I do not observe this kind of phenomenon when I fill my domain by first creating water with "drawbox". What's the reason ?

    I'll try new mDBC conditions!

    Best regards

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