Fluid particle without phase information...

Hello everyone

I am working on a simulation with a non-newtonian fluid. The whole thing is executed on a Linux system. 

With the bash file it runs on the CPU, but would take very long. 

With the bash file for the GPU it does not work. There is always the following error message:

*** Exception (JSphGpuSingle::LoadMultiphaseData) at JSph.cpp:3214

Text: Fluid particle without phase information...

Before I did simulations with water on the same system, i.e. on the GPU. No problems occurred there.

Does anyone have an idea where the problem might be?

My simulation can be found in the zip-folder, if that helps.

Many thanks and greetings



  • @gfourtakas can help here


  • Hi Raphael,

    I am not aware of any issues with the Linux implementation of the multi-phase non-Newtonian code.

    We always check Windows and Linux versions against the provided examples.

    The message you posted essentially tells you you did not set up the xml correctly. Could you please try to run one of the multi-phase non-Newtonian examples on your machine/cluster to check if you get the same message?

    if you get the same error, please send me a msg directly with the output from the example and I will look into this.



  • Many thanks

    I found the error in the XML. I had forgotten to adjust the parameter RhopOutMax. I was surprised that there was no error message during the calculation on the CPU, so I thought my XML was ok. Now the error is found and I can continue working 😀

    Many thanks for the support.



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