What does ViscoBoundFactor do in SPS-LES?


I am running a DualSPHysics simulation and in the Run.out file I see:


I have purposedly set the value to 0, but what would happen if I change it? I cannot see where it enters in SPS-LES.

I see that for artificial viscosity (based on previous discussion; https://forums.dual.sphysics.org/discussion/comment/3830#Comment_3830) it is:

AlphaBF = ViscoBoundFactor * alphaFF

But AlphaBF is not defined in SPS-LES method?

I see that at the time I did a lid-driven cavity flow test:

Could anyone kindly explain why this needs to be specified in the SPS-LES model and why this interaction is not automatically taken care of using LES modelling? Is it because that in reality no wall-function is used and then ViscoBoundFactor enables one in SPS-LES?

Kind regards

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