Extrude set of particles with a given mkbound value


I have a set of boundary particles resulting from a set of drawing operations. I would like to ask whether I can extrude these boundary particles along a certain direction in order to get a second layer of boundary particles. Is there any command for this? Can "extrude" be used on a set of particles with a given mkbound value?

Thank you very much for your help.




  • Please read the XML-GUIDE-v5.0.pdf in doc/guides and look for "extrude"


  • Hi Alex,

    thanks for you reply.

    I read the XML-GUIDE-v5.0.pdf. But I could only find how to extrude a set of given points. I would need instead to extrude an arbitrary set of boundary points resulting from previous drawing operations. Something analogous to the creation of the inlet/outlet buffer layers where the mk value of the particle set is given as an input without having to directly provide the particle coordinates. Would this be possible?

    Thank you.



  • I do not think so... let us ask @jmdalonso

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