Can anyone show me how to actually apply "-onlypos"?


I cannot figure out or find any example using this command in measure tool:


  • Also "-onlyposfile filters.xml" I struggle to find any documentation easily

    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    I haven't used this option with measure tool, but here how I use the same option with isosurface:

    %isosurface% -dirin %simData% -saveiso %dirout2%/Surface_fluid -vars:-all,+vel -first:{} -last:{} -onlypos:{}:{}:{}:{}:{}:{}

    Maybe it'll transpose to your application (just fill the {})


  • I see, thanks! I was a bit confused regarding ":" since I thought it was variable declaration initially, but that makes sense now

    Hoping someone would shed light on the xml approach as well

    Kind regards

  • Never used the xml approach, and I'm curious too

    Kind regards

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