Any suggested value for ViscoBoundFactor in simulating wave-tanks (Laminar+SPS)?


I am simulating a wave tank using SPS-LES approach. Would anybody know of a study or have checked already realistic numbers for the ViscoBoundFactor in case of a smooth beach? Currently I have as such;

  Visco=0.000001 #1e-6

A while back I was made aware of this paper,, where they use artificial viscosity and tune it to get similar velocity profiles between theory/simulation and in such a way they are able to estimate that their viscobound factor = 16. I do not have this kind of freedom in this case, since I am using SPS-LES, so I would like to hear suggestions on how to proceed.

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  • ViscoBoundFactor=0 or 1 should work fine with artificial viscosity

    0 meas alphaFB=0 so visco=0 interacting with walls

    1 means alphaFB=alphaFF

    why are you using laminar+SPS for wave propagation and wave breaking?


  • I am testing a few different approaches out. I have used both artificial and LES, and starting to process data. Just wondered about if I should have used Viscoboundfactor = 0, for both artificial viscosity and LES - this is what I have done up till now.

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  • understood...

    let us as @iarba27

  • Thanks! I can say as much, I checked both LES and artificial viscosity - the results look very close for the wave tank I simulated using 1e-6 and 0.01 as viscosity for LES and artificial approach. Both of the simulations were also stable in 2D.

    Looking forward to hearing iarba27'ss thoughts!

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  • Hi again @Alex and @iarba27

    Would you happen to have an update or comment regarding this?

    Kind regards, Ahmed

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