Bottle emptying case


I am trying to solve bottle emptying case.

Bottle is tilted with gravity on. Fluid should come out from the bottle bottle. Fluid gets initial velocity in the downward direction but then it stops. Do I need to modify any setting?

Please find the attached animation.


  • Hi,

    Its because of the way boundaries are treated in DSPH (

    basically, there is a gap between your fluid and the boundary surface you have imported or created. The openning of your bottle is less large than 2x the gap, so it appears totally blocked for your simulation.

    One way to get around that is to generate a geometrie speciffically for the simulation where you push all boundaries to take the gap into consideration. the gap can be estimated as gap=1.5*h=1.5*SQRT(3*dp*dp)

    Good day


  • Thank you for your reply. I will try your suggestion.

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