Why are these normals not calculated correctly?

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I am trying to use mDBC on a simple rectangular 2d element and the final result for the normal I see is

This is wrong as far as I know, since it should be as in the guide;

Where we see at corners 45 degree normals appears - but not in my case. When I try to visualize CaseSloshing using mDBC (for the bounding box) I see the correct normals using my approach for visualization:

What would the reason then be for my rectangular element to not have these kind of 45 degree normals?

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  • Perhaps, we can help you if we check the XML... and the geos you are defining...

    Please send an email to us (dualsphysics@gmail.com) and we will take a look when possible



  • Hello, I have done that now

    Kind regards

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