using visualSPhysics for animation or paraview?


Can paraview work to open post processed files from dualSPHYsics to create animations?

If yes: what format of output data we need from dualsphyiscs case?

If no:

1) What version of visualsphysics need to be added on to what version of blender?

2) How to use visualsphyics for animation rendering?



  • Yes you can use Paraview to open DualSPHysics results. You have to use the postprocessing tool in DualSPHysics to generate vtk files, which can be opened in Paraview. Yes, you can make animations.

    Kind regards

  • 2) How to use visualsphyics for animation rendering?

    RESPONSE: try to follow tutorials from


  • Thanks I will look into the visualsphysics link.

    Is there any dualsphysics tutorial which shows how to create time stamped vtk files required to create an animation in paraview?

  • Try having a look in some of the example files @usercfd, for example main/11_Floating in the DualSPHysics folder. If you have downloaded from the website and not Github it should be available to you. Then opening; "wCaseFloatingSphereVal2D_win64_GPU.bat"

    Or the corresponding Linux version of the file, you will see under ":postprocessing" how files are generated.

    Remember to run the case

    Kind regards

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