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I'm using "BoundaryVTK_win64.exe" for checking on floatings in simulations.

I run long simulations (5 to 20 days computation), so I tend to check periodically where things are.

As post process can be quite time consuming, I use the option "-first:.." and "-last:..." and complete the data I have already post-process (using python scripts). This works for lots of tools (flow, measure...) and allow me to save a lot of time.

BUT, I'm not able to do this with BoundaryVTK.

Here is what I had in mind (removing the last two options is working):

%boundaryvtk% -loadvtk AutoActual -motiondata %simData% -savevtkdata %VTKFiles%\FloatOrMoving -onlymk:14 -savemotion %resultsData%\FloatMovingExtract_Mk14 -onlymk:14 -first:52 -last:125

first and last are not in the documentation. Is this possible ? is there a work-around ?



  • Hi!

    Consider opening an issue on the Github page for DualSPHysics then maybe someone could implement it for next release.. I also checked, I cannot find first/last either.

    I suppose the reason first/last does not exist might be that the current code needs to know the explicit first location of the object, to calculate properly.

    Kind regards

  • Yes Asalih3d, You are right.

    Anyway, the version included in the release v5.0 is more effiecient since BoundaryVTK only reads the data files the first time it is executed and saves the motion information in a new file (PartMotion.ibi4) . If you run it again, it will only read PartMotion.ibi4 and the new data files. So it is much faster than the previous version.

    Best regards

  • @jmdalonso Thanks! I have tested the v5 only recently, and implemented my tools without the first/last option for boundary, and I have noticed what you described. So it seems it won't be a problem, in the next few weeks I'll test this on big project so I'll see.

    Best regards

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