measuretool and particlesmk command


I am looking to find the pressure that is exerted on each particle that makes up a particular object that I am analyzing as it is being collided with other floating objects. All of the objects are in a tank filled with fluid and the tank rotating at a high speed is what causes all these objects to collide with one another.

This is how I have the line formatted in the batch file with mk25 being the part I want to analyze.

%measuretool% -dirin %diroutdata% -particlesmk:25 -onlytype:-all,+bound -vars:-all,+idp,+press

Using the line above gives me this error below.

Text: File of data not found.

File: Spin-test28out/Part0000.bi4

How would I resolve this issue?I have been looking at CaseSloshingAcc in the examples section but it utilizes predetermined points to measure the pressures, but I want the value of the pressure of each particle of the object so it seems like using particlesmk would be more practical.

Thanks in advance,


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