Include Flexible Body in Simulation

I am trying to simulate flexible bodys in an FSI analysis, is this possilbe in DSPH? I assume this can be achived by coupling between SPH and FEM, is that correct?


  • Hi,

    To my knownledge, the best you can do is : rig multiple rigid bodies using the coupling with project CHRONO

    see flexible gate exemple (files are accessible in the examples folder of the package):

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    In addition, I can say that we are now working on the coupling with FEA module of Chrono to simulate flexible structures.


  • Nice to know !

    Thanks @Alex

  • Thanks for the info, Alex! it is very good to know that this is underway.

    Do you have any time schedule of this? for example, is there any beta version can be tested?

  • Not yet. This work is under development as part of PhD research of students in Vigo, Manchester and Ghent...

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