Error Importing VTK for mDBC Method

Hi forum,

I'm currently trying to generate normal data for an external complex geometry I have generated. Due to the nature of the geometry, I have tried to import a vtk file generated from another DualSPHysics simulation as the geometry at dp/2 for normal generation. However, when running the simulation, I get the following errors:

I have checked the geometry for the imported VTK file and all particles fall within the domain. Is this due to the fact that the input VTK file is from DSPH, therefore the format may be an issue? I have tried all methods mentioned in the users guide to no avail. Any advice would be welcomed.

Thank you in advance :)


  • Resolved! Upon some tinkering, I realised the VTK file needed is the '_Actual' rather than one of the particle files (boundary or fluid). I assume this is because DSPH requires a surface which it then converts to points :)

  • Out of curiosity, is there any way to import a VTK that is created using the 'dp' format rather than 'actual'? I am having some difficulty creating the inner face at dp/2 for normals from my external 3D geometry.

  • The best way to proceed with external geometries is that you first create TWO external geometries.... the original one and the other one with faces at dp/2... therefore you can use the first one to generate particles and the second one to generate normals.

    But note that my recommendation is to create the TWO external geometries with other software, as a previous step to use our software!!!


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