Additional parameters in DesignSPHysics

Hello everyone,

I am using DesignSPHysics version and would like to calculate the pressure and then have the pressure curve output in Paraview. For this purpose there seems to be a command for the pressure, which I have to enter in the Additional Parameter button.

According to PartVTK_Help this command should be approximately as follows:


But here he gives me the error that this command is unknown. I hope you can help me with this problem.

Kind regards


  • You are right, we still have to solve many issues with DesignSPHysics...

    We have been the last months focused on the package DualSPHysics_v5.0, and now we need to updated the GUI so that we can use the latest version with that,... however this will take time

    I strongly suggest you to start usign directly the full package...

    This video will help:


  • Thanks for the effort you put into the new version. In that case, I will have a look at the full package.

    Kind regards

  • To add on to Alex's comment I also highly recommend using the full package. The GUI is nice, but imo working directly with the text files is much simpler in many cases, since problems are shown in the visualization files anyways.

    Kind regards

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