Confused by the setting for the fluid partiles in mDBC-dam break case

Hi everyone, very happy to see the DualSPHysics 5.0 has been released with perfect boundary treatment method, the mDBC. In the classical dam break mDBC case, I was confused by the fluid particles setting:

1 <setmkfluid mk="0" />          

2 <fillbox x="2.1" y="0.1" z="0.2">       

3 <modefill>void</modefill>            

4 <point x="1.992" y="0" z="0" />           

 5 <size x="1.4" y="1" z="0.55" />          

6 </fillbox>          

7 <shapeout file="" />

Here the second line made me confused, may I ask anyone know the function of this command, or how to explain, why from x=2.1, y=0.1, z=0.2? For the fluid definition, the line 4 and 5 are enough. Thank you!


  • Thanks for your message.

    First, we strongly suggest you to read first the guide XML-GUIDE-MDBC.pdf in doc\guides.

    Second, I am not sure what is the case you are talking about, can you please indicate the name of the XML and the folder in examples, please


  • Hi Alex, thank you very much for your reply! The case file name is CaseDamBreak3D_Def.xml , and located at: DualSPHysics v5.0\examples\mdbc\04Dambreak.

    Yes, I read the XML guide v5.0 again, and found the fillbox command at page 50 and 51, the command in line 2 I listed above is used to define a seed point. This seed point should be inside of the fluid domain, and it can be other points, just satisfy that inside the fluid domain. Am I right? Thank you again!

  • Yes, you are right.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more doubts.


  • Please, dear @Sloan do not stop to make more questions related with mDBC, normals, etc

    since your questions are very important and we will improve documentation accordingly to all those issues that may not be clear for all users


  • Hi Alex, thank you very much for the help always!

    Yes, once I have questions, I will post in the forum. I just posted one about the pressure probe location, also related to the mDBC. Thank you!

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