Release of DualSPHysics v5.0

Dear DualSPHysics users,

It gives us great pleasure to announce the release of DualSPHysics v5.0

The new features implemented in version 5.0 can be found on the following page:

The new package is available through the usual link: 

and in GitHub: 

GitHub only contains the source code of v5.0 and a limited number of tools and examples, while the downloads section of our website contains the full package (examples, code and documentation).

The examples executed with this new version can be viewed in the online videos:

Please note that, all relevant information is in: 

and we encourage you to read the PDF files in doc/guides

The video tutorial “DualSPHysics Video Tutorial: Download, Install and Run” can be useful to start using the package.


The DualSPHysics team

Dr Jose M. Dominguez Alonso, Dr Alejandro Crespo, Prof. Moncho Gomez Gesteira, Prof. Benedict Rogers, Dr Georgios Fourtakas, Prof. Peter Stansby, Dr Renato Vacondio, Dr Corrado Altomare, Dr Angelo Tafuni, Orlando Garcia Feal, Ivan Martinez Estevez


  • Congratulations on the final release of v5!

    Look forward to using it in the future.

    Kind regards

  • Thanks a lot.

    We have been working on this new version for 6 months at least.... (in parallel to all our academic duties of course)


  • Congratulations on the release of DualSPHysics 5.0!

    Amazing improvements! Great jobs!

  • Thank you for releasing DualSPHysics v5.0.

    Can we see a version of DualSPHysics including non-Newtonian and temperature any time soon?

    It would be so interesting to have them all together in the same version.

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