Inlet/outlet 2d : Domain size of particles in direction X is not zero.

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Hi all,

I am a new user of DualSPHysics, trying to build a 2d case with inflow boundary conditions using Freecad.

The case with closed boundaries works well, but I have an error when trying to use an open inflow boundary (small blue rectangle on the left in the picture below):

The error returned is: Domain size of particles in direction X is not zero.

My geometry is completely defined in the x-z space (i.e. y=0 everywhere). I see in the OpenChannel example that there is a thickness in the y-direction despite that it is a 2d case.

Any hint on how to debug this error?



  • I have the same issue with the new version 5.0.

    I certainly did something wrong...

  • Not sure what you meant... note that you were using first the GUI named DesignSPHysics and what we have release now is the full package DualSPHysics_v5.0 that is not available yet to be used with the GUI....

    Have you run the same XML within the new package?

    Note that you can download the package from here:

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    Thanks for the info, I did not know that the engine and GUI were now merged as a single package, I updated the path to the executables in DesignSPHysics setup which was wrong.

    In the meantime, I re-built my case by directly writing the xml for DualSPHysics_v5.0. However, it seems that non-newtonian rheology and inlet boundary condition cannot be used together. Can you confirm that:

    • Any run with a non-newtonian rheology (even single phase) needs to use the multiphase non-newtonian solver?
    • Inlet boundary conditions cannot be used with the multiphase non-newtonian solver?

    Many thanks.

  • Yes exactly....

    The non-newtonian multiphase implementation remains now in a separate branch, different folder for the source files and different executable.

    The plan is to merge this with the one-phase branch so that all functionalities will be then available for one-phase and multiphase. However now it was impossible to merge them on time, otherwise the release will take much more time. In addition, the multiphase code can be tested by users during next months where some bugs and improvements will be detected.


  • Thanks for the clear and complete answer.

    I currently use a large buffer zone upstream of my boundary to feed the inflow, which is fine. It works well, and the model is quite impressive.

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