Issue: Particle separation in scaled simulation of the Relaxation zone with regular wave

Hi guys,

I am trying to scale the domain of the example case wavecoupling\02RZRegularWaves but the simulation results does not have waves, rather I see a particle separation at the relaxation zone.

Can anyone tell how to resolve this issue. ( I am new to the relaxation zone method !!!)


  • Hi @C_Kesanapalli

    At a glance, the wave condition you are trying to model is rather extreme, a 30 metre wave with a 2 second period. The wave steepness far exceeds that of a breaking wave. I assume the model will struggle to generate a wave that is technically breaking, so my suggestion would be to alter your wave conditions.

    You should also have a look at designing the relaxation zone dimensions and function values based on your simulation parameters, it is well documented in Altomare et al. (2018) Improved relaxation zone method in SPH-based model for coastal engineering applications 

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi @C_Kesanapalli

    The wave conditions you are trying to generate make no physical sense. The wave is far too steep and not realistic at all. A part from that, I agrre with @atish_d, to check properly the procedure to follow for a setup of the RX in Altomare et al. (2018).


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    @atish_d and @iarba27 Thanks for the reply

    I tried waves with proper steepness

    wave height of 0.16 m and time period 1.6 sec,

    wave height of 0.5 m and time period 3.0 sec

    wave height of 1 m and time period 4.5 sec

    but still I am having the same issue - particle separation.

    The RZ parameters that I see on DualSPHysics are

    width of RZ - which I scaled accordingly

    I tried

    psi = 0.3, beta = 3

    psi = 0.5, beta = 5

    psi = 0.9, beta = 1

    but I still have the particle separation

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