Crashed when rendering in Blender

Hi, i want to ask about the problem when rendering animation using blender software. During the animation rendering process, why did my blender software suddenly quit the program in ramdom frame? When i render it for the first time, it can works untill i said in frame 52, it crash, when i render it for the second time, it can reach frame 52, but it crash in frame 85, third, sometimes it can reach the second time's frame and crash on next frame like in frame 105, but sometimes it can't reach the first or the second frame when rendering. It never be complete. By the way I use a laptop to render it and the specs of the laptop that I use are a Core i7 processor, 32Gb RAM, and 8Gb VGA. Is there a difference things in using a laptop or a PC which is has some same specs to rendering it in Blender? Please advise and help.

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  • Hello!

    I do not know why you are having this problem, but let me ask you - are you rendering it as a video instantly or first making all the frames?

    When rendering animations I HIGHLY recommend to render out all the single frames, to finally combining all of them in the end. This way even if Blender crashes you do not lose too much progress.

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  • Hi!

    difficult to say, it could crash due to memory exhaustion or maybe some bug in VisualSPHysics or Blender. To workaround this it is recommended, as Asalih3d has suggested, to render animations as single frames and then encode into a video (with ffmpeg por example). Unmark the option "Overwrite" in "Output properties -> Output" and Blender will continue the animation rededering in the last frame before it crashed.

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    First yeah, i rendered it as a video instantly with "render animation" in render. But when i got this problem, i render it as a png file to make it saved by frame one by one, but i still make it "render animation" in render. I got the some problem, it still crash, in frame 56 it crash, i start to continue from 56, it crash in frame 86, and so on. Btw, does it have to do with the number of particles that have been done in previous simulations, the rendering process in the blender and the quality of the specs of the laptop used? Or is there a difference if it renders using a laptop and PC?

    Kind Regards Asalih3d & Admin

  • It can depend on many things. Sometimes there is a bug in code, sometimes there is a problem loading particles, sometimes something else. It is quite hard to troubleshoot, but it can be that your pc gear is not good enough for this specific case, but that seems unlikely since you are actually rendering some frames before crashing.

    I suggest you finish your animation in this "annoying" workflow, and then afterwards try upgrading Blender / or using an older version, and test again.

    Kind regards

  • Yeah, the problem is the crashed when rendering an animation that i have simulation previously. So, i want to render it to 400 frame. but it crashed in the middle of renderring. And it crash in random frame, it can be in frame 35, 67, 86, etc.

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  • Yes, so in this case keep rendering until you have all frames, then combine the frames to one animation :-)

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  • Okay, but is it okay with the laptop that used to render if "imposed", we continue the render it always when got crash without knows the problem?

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  • Yes, because your simulation data will not change - you are just rendering your simulation.

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  • Hi,

    I've encountered the same problem. Now I use a python script to render animations and I toggle the system console window on. I didn't get any crashes so far (thousands of frames rendered).

    Here is the script (not everything is necessary... but it works)

    import bpy

    import time

    import numpy as np

    Start=3240 #the first frame you want to render

    End=3600 #the last frame you want to render

    Address=r'D:\Folder' #Here put the destination folder

    ####!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION toggle system console on !!!!!

    for step in range(Start,End+1):



       #time.sleep(10)["Scene"].render.filepath=Address+'/image_%d.png' % step #image_i will be the name of the file created



       #Time estimation








       print("Render speed = "+str(int(np.round(dur)))+" s per frame")

       print("Remaining estimation = "+str(remainH)+" h "+str(remainM)+" min")

       print("Ending on "+time.strftime("%Y/%m/%d %H:%M",endtime))



    Kind regards

  • Sorry, forgot to tell you about my problem is i want to render an animation in blender to make a visualization from my simulation that previously i do, so when i render it it got crash in random frame like i said before. Do you know why it happen and share the solution? I need your help to fix this problem. I used a laptop to render it with the specs of the laptop like i said before in my first chat.

    Kind regards

  • If you have rendered all the different frames now, so you have a folder with your 401 frames or what ever, then do as shown in this video:

    An old video, but he shows you how to combine a lot of pictures into one final animation.

    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    I have the same goal as you ! As @Asalih3d explained, the right way to do it is to:

    1) render each frame separately as images (here use my code that you have to execute inside blender (paste it to the scripting tab in blender 2.8 and run), I have some idea as to why the crashes occur but not sure. should be related to comunication problems between the dual addon and blender, the fluid cannot be loaded in time so it crashes)

    2) assemble the images in a video clip using the editing software of your choice (blender or other)

    an example of what I achieved with this method:

    Kind regards

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    Do you have a same problem when render it as images? Because i have a same problem when render it as images, it crash in random frame too. It can't render untill complete

    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    Yes, when using the default tool of Blender to render individuals I have crashes ! That's why I developped the python script to do it.

    Kind regards

  • I don't understand with the python script, do you have a reference about the python script?

    Kind regards

  • See my first message ! It start at "import bpy"

  • Okay then, Thank you for your help

    Kind regards

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