Exact build version of the DSPH 5.0 beta released

Is the build version of DualSPHysics 5.0 currently released 71 as from main.cpp (lines 34,35)

\version 5.0.071 
\date 28-02-2020

or 100 as from VERSION_INFO.txt in the bin/linux directory?

DualSPHysics5            v5.0.100           17-04-2020

This is useful for internal consistency and for keeping track of future developments.

Thanks in advance for clarifying this.


  • The values for documentation with Doxygen (lines 34-35) are not updated very often and they are wrong. The correct values are always on line 60 and they are shown at the beginnig when you run the program.

    We will fix it in the next update.

    Best regards

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