Overlapping Particles MDBC?


I have modified the example case as shown in the included file here. Unfortunately I see that the piston overlaps the fluid particles:

I have tried changing coefh, reducing time step, setting Courant = 0.1 etc. but nothing seems to work. Can someone spot my mistake?

These are things I was suggested to do last time I experienced this problem.

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  • So I found the problem.

    You have to ensure that the x-coordinate of the boundnormal_plane is at the correct location, in my case as shown in yellow.

    Kind regards

  • Dear all

    The point should be at dp/2 from last position of the boundary.

    In this case, piston with makbound=10 may finsih at x=40, so point should be 40+dp/2

    Hdp may be defined before as Dp/2


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